Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Special topics course offered this fall.
There is still plenty of room for students to register. We'll be tracking the elections in the class, so students who are interested in communication and/or politics would enjoy the class. It can be used as an open elective for LAS/GS students and will transfer to UCONN as a communication elective. The CRN is 32117 and the class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-2:15.

Here's the course description: COM* K198

This course will explore the connections between oral, written, and visual discourse within the context of social and political movements in American history. Emphasis will be placed on the history of civil discourse in America and Theoretical underpinnings of rhetoric, argument and persuasion. Finally, this course will track and analyze contemporary debates and campaigns related to major political elections and social movements.

Michael J. Stutz Instructor of Communication Three Rivers Community College 574 New London Turnpike Norwich, CT 06360 (860) 383-5275

Thursday, July 12, 2012

ALA-APA Recognizes Three Rivers Community College and Doña Ana Community College Graduates NORWICH, Conn. – The American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) announced today that it has completed agreements with the Three Rivers Community College, in Connecticut, and with the New Mexico’s State University-Doña Ana Community College. This agreement will allow graduates of their Library Science Programs, who meet the established criteria, to receive the Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC) designation.

ALA-APA and these colleges believe that the graduate’s certificate coupled with the LSSC will benefit those graduates, the library in which they work, and library users. Lorelle Swader, Director of ALA-APA, said, “These graduates will be recognized for their acquired skills and knowledge with this national certification, which is quickly becoming a standard for the profession. The LSSC will show employers of these graduates that they have made a commitment to furthering their own continuing professional development and future.”

The ALA-APA proposed these agreements after reviewing the curriculum of these colleges and finding that the graduate have completed coursework that meets the most of LSSC’s competency requirements. ALA-APA is has similar agreements with the Pasadena City College and the Palomar Community college in California; the Waubonsee Community College, the College of DuPage, and the Illinois Central College in Illinois; the Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana; the Highline Community College in Washington; and the Central Carolina Community College in North Carolina. ALA-APA is working with nine other colleges to see if their curriculums also meet the standards set forth by the LSSC competencies.

The LSSC Program is interested in working with other community or junior college library science programs.

Funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the American Library Association developed, established the LSSC Program, and support ALA-APA’s work with community colleges. To find out more about these degree recognition agreements or about LSSC, please contact LSSC Program staff at

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Three Rivers Community College (TRCC) offers a certificate program in Library Technology.

The American Library Association (ALA) has recently established a rigorous national program for Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC). In June Three Rivers Community College became the ninth college in the country to sign an agreement with ALA that recognizes the college as an approved provider of ALA-LSSC courses. Upon an evaluation of the TRCC Library Technology core curriculum, the American Library Association found Three Rivers Community College to meet their criteria for provider status.

Three Rivers graduates are now eligible for LSS certification because they achieve learning and competence in the national competency standards of library technology, reference, public service, literature and youth services, communication and teamwork, library management, cataloging and classification. According to the American Library Association, LSSC graduates are found to be more confident and knowledgeable at work because of their enhanced skills and abilities. LSSC graduates are also sought as employees because they understand how to work on a team to provide better service to the public. LSSC graduates are found to be more willing to accept responsibility as they understand how the entire library operates.

Related to the agreement, this fall two approved courses will be offered. Our first online course in Library Management, Communication and Teamwork will be offered to students both locally and nationally. Students will learn how to communicate effectively with the public, peers, and supervisors, as an effective team member. They will also learn management skills of budgeting, policy development, staffing, building safety and maintenance. A second course offered this fall that meets the approved technology competency is Digital Resources. Students learn how to create and publish digital sites and e-books. They also learn how to select, use, and evaluate new databases and to write grants to acquire and support new online digitization projects.
Scholarship opportunities are available for students enrolled in the Library Technology certificate program from both local sources and from the American Library Association.

Women's Studies Certificate Program

Program Leader: Janet Hagen- 860-892-5738

This 24 credit certificate program prepares students who are interested in Women's Studies to transfer to 4-year institutions to pursue a major or minor in Women's Studies. The certificate is also designed for students who may be interested in working in various private or non-profit sectors. Potential jobs may include working in domestic violence or welfare rights advocacy, public and community service, non-profit organization work, family counseling, sexual assault counseling, health care, public policy work, human resources, teaching, law, and public relations.
Please visit for certificate requirements.
NEW!!Would You Like To Have A Business Online?

E-Commerce Certificate 
Coordinator: Betti Gladue- 860-885-2320

This 29 credit certificate program provides the foundation for students to have an introductory knowledge of the management of the web, programming and databases. Students who earn their certificate will gain a better understanding of aspects in business, technology and the worldwide web. All courses in this certificate may be applied toward the E-Commerce Associates degree.

E-Commerce Associate in Science 
Coordinator: Betti Gladue - 860-885-2320

In this 60-61 degree credit program students will obtain a working knowledge of E-Commerce as well as expertise in the area of web, programming, and databases. They will learn how to develop and maintain websites and become competent in the other aspects of business, technology, and the worldwide web. E-Commerce involves many different technical and business skills. The occupational field of E-Commerce will be of the fastest growing in the industry.
Please visit for the Certificate and Associate Degree Requirements

Always Wanted To Work At A Gym As You Help Others Work Out?

Exercise Science Associate in Science

Coordinator: Heidi Zenie - 860-823-2865

This 67 credit program is designed to provide a strong basic foundation in the area of exercise science as well as a broad background in general education. For those students seeking an entry level position in health and fitness, the Exercise Science program prepares students for necessary industry certifications and the knowledge and motivation to continue as life long learners in health and fitness. For students interested in furthering their education by transferring to a four-year institution, the program prepares students to transfer to an exercise science or other health related program.
Please visit for Associate Degree requirements.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Victimology added to Criminal Justice Offerings: A new course has been added to the Criminal Justice Program beginning in the Fall Semester. “Introduction to Victimology” will focus on the characteristics of crimes and of victims along with the National,State and Criminal Justice responses to the needs of crime victims. In addition to the study of crime statistics and trends and effects upon victims, the course will examine advocacy,legislation and community responses to crimes. The Instructor will be Attorney Chester Fairlie who maintains a law practice in New London. Mr Fairlie has been involved in crime victim advocacy and support for more than twenty years. The course will include study of news stories to demonstrate that concepts of the course have relevance and importance in current events. The course will include videos and speakers and description of victim support and advocacy services in Southeastern Connecticut. This class will be Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 8:45 beginning August 30th